Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment in Leeds

The straight teeth that enhance the beauty of your smile can be only six months away!

The Six Month Smiles system can give you straight and beautiful teeth in 6 months from the start of the treatment. The exact time is dependent on the severity of the problem, however, the average treatment time is 6 months.

How is that possible?

This was made possible by the utilisation of the latest technology in orthodontic treatments. This system can deal with some of the most complex cases successfully and powerfully giving amazing results. The amazing technology in terms of how the brackets connect to the wire and move the teeth gives gentle, comfortable, safe and hygienic teeth straightening in around 6 months. The mechanism applies low forces continuously only your teeth to move them into place quickly and safely! This system puts your smile as the main concern and moves the teeth that show when you smile to position.
The story does not end here! Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok clear brackets in conjunction with the tooth-coloured wire give an amazing aesthetic value when you are wearing the braces as they are rendered virtually invisible!!
This system is not only more comfortable for you when you wear it! it also reduced the time of your appointments at the orthodontist by virtue of the Patient Tray Kits increasing speed and comfort.

This is a great choice for an adult who wishes to improve their smile in an invisible, reliable and fast manner!

To make the case for Six Month Smiles even stronger we only need to mention that this system is usually less expensive than regular braces making it the an affordable system too!
The use of a retainer at the end of the treatment as thought necessary by the orthodontic is a must to preserve the newly straightened teeth and prevent them from relapsing into their previous positions.

If you would like more information Please visit Six Month Smiles website or get in touch with our recommended award-winning orthodontists in Leeds.

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