NHS Vs Private Orthodontic Treatments

It is common knowledge that the NHS orthodontists will not provide orthodontic treatment for cosmetic purposes for patients who are 18 years and older (this is unless the case is so severe that it warrants a hospital opinion).

More and more children are also waiting more than 12 months to start their orthodontic treatments. This has lead to many teenage and adult patients deciding to visit private orthodontists.

Advantages of private orthodontic treatment:

Some private orthodontic practices in Leeds also provide flexible payment options by spreading payments up to 36 months 0% interest free

If you would like to seek an orthodontic opinion regarding orthodontic teeth straightening you have the following options:

A. Ask your own dentist to refer you to a specialist orthodontist.

B. Just contact an orthodontic practice directly via telephone or email to arrange an appointment with one of their specialist orthodontists. For award-winning specialist and highly qualified orthodontic treatment in Leeds you can get in touch with our recommended orthodontic practice in Leeds.

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