Invisalign aligners in Leeds

In certain cases when the orthodontic problem is not too complex and more on the mild side of the spectrum, you may be able to straighten your teeth using aligners instead of braces. This new advance in the world of orthodontics is not suitable for everyone but you can consult the orthodontist if you can use aligners.

An amazing aligner is the Invisalign system. What makes Invisalign special is the use of state of art material that is tough and can move your teeth into position whilst being comfortable and INVISIBLE!!! This option may be perfect for you as it may allow you to have you teeth straightened without the need for any braces and by using aligners.

Aligners mechanism of action is simple to understand. A series of aligners that differ slightly are made and each one pulls your teeth a bit more than the other. After wear one set for two weeks you change them for another set and step by step you reach the desired result of straightened teeth in an average time of 9 to 15 months.

Although Invisalign is removable you have to wear almost all the time and only remove when you eat or clean your teeth. Once the treatment is finished you will need to use retainers as the orthodontist instructs.

For more information and to see if your orthodontic needs can be met using Invisalign why not get in touch with our recommended orthodontist in Leeds or you can visit Invisalign website for more information about the system

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