Clear braces in Leeds

If your worry is the discomfort and the metal filled mouth, then you have no reason to worry! Your orthodontist in Leeds will be able to achieve the best straight smiles possible without the need to boast the train tracks on your teeth using contemporary clear braces. These braces allow you to straighten your teeth with an excellent aesthetic value as you do it by virtue of the clear brackets or tooth coloured brackets available to choose from.

These brackets can include clarity brackets, Radiance brackets, Damon clear appliances or as mentioned before Six Month Smiles.

The revolution in material science meant the possibility of engineering different materials that have strength, flexibility and certain colours that can match those of our teeth. This gave the possibility of having amazingly invisible braces.

Functionally these braces can give amazing results with almost any orthodontic problem and even you were an adult!

For more information about the use of clear braces and orthodontic treatments why not get in touch with out recommended award-winning orthodontists in Leeds.

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